The Witness by Nora Roberts

I swear Nora Roberts must be an Alien.

How is it possible for her to churn out so many books (under two author titles - J D Robb is the other) and for them to still be pretty good?

One of her latest, The Witness is about a young girl who in a fit of rebellion against her straight, impersonal mother goes out on the town and in a series of events, witnesses a horrific murder by a mob hit-man. Because of her photographic memory she recalls all details of the night and becomes a very valuable (or threatening, depending which side you are on) witness that could help take down a lucrative criminal mob.

Things go awry for young Elizabeth, when corruption blows her world apart and sets her running for her life. 12 years later we find her in a hermit-like state, making millions from a software security firm she has established under a fake identity. She is still very wary of everyone and has extremely poor social skills - stringing a sentence together is work for her. All seems to be going well for 'Abigail' until the local chief of police takes and interest in her. Her secure, anti-social world is slowly unravelled by this charming cop who feeds her multi-lingual guard-dog Bert rawhide bones and won't take no for an answer! This make Abigail think about the life she could have, which is only possible if the mob who are tracking her get brought to justice...

This is a really fun, charming and exciting novel. It has love, computer hacking, fighting and suspense galore. If you are after a light read that doesn't take too much effort to piece together I highly suggest The Witness.