Happy Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time to read scary stories, and what could be scarier than...Zombies? Zombies, those fictional undead creatures regularly encountered in fantasy and horror stories, are usually depicted as mindless, re-animated corpses with a hunger for human flesh, (often with a penchant for human brains). They are everywhere. They have invaded comics, gaming, movies, T.V series, books, even classic literature! A good example is the Pride and Prejudice Zombies series. The definitive Zombie story to read  is World War Z, (watch out for the movie, due for release in Australia, June 2013). The author, Max Brooks has also written a scary graphic novel,  The Zombie survival guide: Recorded attacks.  If you prefer short scary stories, or are uneducated about the undead, try the Zombie: An  anthology of the undead which offers a range of perspectives how different authors perceive zombies.

Other stories about Zombies to devour this Halloween include:
Autumn (Book One) by David Moody
The forest of hands and teeth by Carrie Ryan
Cell  by Stephen King. 
The first days: As the world dies (Book One, As the world dies) by Rhiannon Frater
Alice in Zombieland by Lewis Carroll and Nickolas Cook
Chasers, Book One, Alone series by James Phelan. The undead are called chasers, but the way they are described makes them sound awfully like zombies...
Marvel Zombies Supreme for graphic novel fans.
Married with Zombies (Book one of Living with the dead)  by Jesse Petersen
Zombies vs Unicorns, Justine Larbalestier, Holly Black (editors).   Which reigns supreme, the Unicorn or the Zombie?
Underground(Zom B 2) by Darren Shan
Generation Dead by Daniel Waters
Do you have a favourite Zombie book? Tell us about it in the comments!


Here's a great idea for creative people wanting to recycle those old books, how about making a "book terrarium".
A small but eager group of participants got their hands dirty and created some very eye catching book terrariums at Cronulla Library last week.
I guess you could say it is a "novel" way to house your little succulent plants, have some fun, and recycle some well used books.  Thank you to the staff from Sutherland Library for helping make the workshop such a success. Don't forget to check the "What's On" page on the Library Website for future events and activities.

Man Booker Prize, 2012

The Man Booker prize for 2012 has been announced. The Man Booker Prize is a major literary award presented each year to “the best” full-length novel written by a citizen of the British Commonwealth or the Republic of Ireland.
And the winner is...                               
Bring up the bodies by Hilary Mantel, the second book in a planned trilogy about Thomas Cromwell. This is the second time Hilary Mantel has won this accolade, the first time being for the first book, Wolf Hall, in 2009. It is also the first time a sequel has won this prestigious award. Hilary Mantel is the first woman, and the first British author to win the Man Booker Prize twice. Only two others, J.M Coetzee, and Peter Carey have been double winners. The short listed books are pictured below.
Short listed books

Umbrella by Will Self


National Year of Reading, 2012 October theme-Explore

This month’s theme is explore.

You can explore the past, and read about ancientmodern or own your family history (who knows what skeletons you may find rattling around in the closet!).

Explore the present. The here and now, fact and fiction. You might like to explore a genre you haven’t read before.  If you usually read romance, try reading an adventure story, or  read about pirates!  Why not read more about  Australian explorers, or explore something you’ve always wanted to read more about.

Explore the endless possibilities of the future. Now’s the time to read some science fiction, with its and fantastic yet possible and plausible worlds and futures.

Explore new technologies to find new ways to read. Download a book from Sutherland libraries digital library via Overdrive and read it on an e-reader, follow your favourite authors on twitter,  find some facts in databases, or in the e-textbook on your ipad.  Use your iphone to read about the latest breaking news as it happens.
Are you planning a holiday? Explore some new countries and cultures by reading a travel guide,or  try learning a new language-oui? Explore what’s out there, whether its the Australian Outback or outer space.
Explore everything and anything. If its out there, you can read about it.