Bedtime reading

Bedtime Stories
 Before  you go to sleep each night, do you read for at least ten minutes, usually a chapter or two, to enable you  to relax before drifting off to dreamland. For some,  it is an ingrained habit, and it can be hard to go to sleep without reading something first.
Imagine this nightmare scenario...
What would happen if you were up to the last few chapters of your current book, and had yet to find your next bedtime read.  What can you read next? You can't just pick out any book and start reading, as bedtime reading needs to be:

Not too scary, or you'll have nightmares.
Not too sad, as you don't want tears at bedtime, (or puffy eyes in the morning).
Not too deep, intense or political, as bedtime is the time to  relax, not toss and turn all night pondering over what you've read.
Not too complicated, as you don’t want to concentrate too hard, you're tired!
Not too riveting, (including those tempting page turners), or you'll be up to to 3am trying to finish it. However, it’s got to be interesting enough that you don’t fall asleep reading and lose your place in the book!
This is starting to sound like Goldilocks visit to the home of the three bears.  Do you generally have a stack of books at your bedside, enabling you  to select just the right book to relax and read before going to sleep, ensuring sweet dreams?
To ensure we can all get a good night's sleep (and have pleasant dreams), staff at Sutherland Shire Library Service will be participating in blogeverydayofJune, posting book reviews every day of June with the theme of "Dream reads". Hopefully you will find a book  (or two) to snuggle up with!

Photo credit: flickr user Sideways Sarah