Dreaming of alternative endings

 The month of June is almost over, and with it, our daily book reviews of "Dream reads". To finish the month, here's something you may dream about....
Do you ever find yourself dreaming of alternative endings for the books you have read? Maybe you found the ending of a book abrupt, improbable or with just too many loose ends that left you wondering what happened next.

The ending of a book can make or break a story for the reader. In some books you may  have preferred to have left your characters living happily ever after, would have enjoyed a more believable ending or  maybe you would have liked to have had something left to your imagination.

There are certainly no rules saying that a fiction book has to end a certain way, and some fans have taken this to heart, dreaming up and writing countless alternative endings to their favourite books and series, posting them on the net as fan fiction. Some are indeed dreamy, whereas others you may regard as being the stuff of nightmares! Of course, this is because each individual reader experiences a story differently, with their own reactions, interpretations and thoughts about the story (if you are part of a book group, you would know this is true).

What do you think about this? Has your imagination ever run wild, finding you dreaming up alternative endings to books, and have you ever committed them to paper or even published them on the net?