Dead Witch walking by Kim Harrison

"Dead Witch walking" is a book where the creepy things that go bump in the night, live on the other side of Cincinnati, in a place called “The Hollows”.
Cincinnati has been spilt in two, with your ordinary humans on one side of town and  witches, vampires, pixies and werewolves, on the other.
 The protagonist, Rachel Morgan has quit her job as a runner for the Inderland Runner Services, catching criminals of the less than human variety, oh, by the way, she’s a witch! Now she’s marked for death by her former employers and trying to stay alive long enough to expose Cincinnati’s most prominent citizen as a drug lord.
How hard can it be?
Rachel is about to find out exactly what she’s made of and who her real friends are.

I couldn’t put this book down, it kept me wanting more.
Such unique characters featured,  my favourite being Jenks, a pixie that works as Rachel’s back up, with a refreshingly twisted, sharp sense of humour and personality.  Ivy, a living vampire, is Rachel’s business partner, who is doing everything she can to keep Rachel alive (and resisting making a meal out of her).
Lots of laughs, lots of snooping, lots of action amid a few spells misfiring.

Once I had finished this book I went in search of more, happy to find Kim Harrison has written quite a few in this series. The latest being
 “A Perfect Blood”.