Book review: Batavia by Peter FitzSimons

 Batavia : betrayal, shipwreck, murder, sexual slavery, courage : a spine-chilling chapter in Australian history. 
by Peter FitzSimons.

How surprising that I have never heard of the terrifying and shocking tale of the shipwreck of Batavia , I wish they had taught this as history in school it seems that this story of shipwreck and survival has been neglected.
Peter FitzSimons has based this book on extensive research and has written an absorbing tale of the tragic events that took place on Australia’s western coast in a rollicking read of brutality, murder and betrayal.
The account of the Batavia wreck and mutiny is a brutal Lord of the Flies tale but I think though, it was far more terrible. These renegades knew no limits and thought there would be no consequences. He has brought the events of 1629 to life with a chatty and easily accessible style and I will be reading more historical fiction although the next book will not be as brutal, I hope.