Book Review: Mennonite in a little black dress

I thoroughly enjoyed this memoir by a very strong woman who faced a terrible phase of her life with spirit and fun .After her husband left her for a man  and she suffers injuries in a car accident Rhonda goes home to her wonderful and supportive family who happen to be Mennonites. Some of the funniest parts of this book are when she talks of her childhood, the horrible school lunches and the clothes. She also talks with great humour of the Mennonite foods and culture.
Rhonda is a sympathetic character and her family although of very religious persuasion always supportive especially her marvelous but wacky is a story with many funny moments but a tale that tells us all we can survive life’s hard moments and come out the other end a little older, a little wiser and with our humour and sense of self intact.I can recommend this book with no hesitation.