Headhunters by Jo Nesbø

In most novels there is a good guy and a bad guy. You can easily distinguish who is who, their look, mannerisms, voice & actions all point to a good person/bad person. Not so in Headhunters. I found it hard to decide who I disliked more! 

Roger Brown is a short man (1.68m) constantly trying to compensate for his lack of physical stature by overplaying his successes. He is Oslo's leading Head hunter, has a gorgeous (and tall) wife Diana, a huge mansion in a prestigious suburb, a luxury car and really nice hair. 

Never the less, Roger still feels inadequate and constantly lives above his means, buying his wife an art gallery and expensive gifts, when all she really wants is a child - something he refuses to give her. To fund this lavish lifestyle Roger is also an art thief on the side, stealing from Oslo's rich to feed his own needs. When Roger hears about what could be the biggest haul of his professional and deviant life, he can't resist meeting Clas Greve, a handsome ex-soldier and former CEO of a GPS company. Roger works to line Greve up in a lucrative role that will pay big in finders fees, whilst at the same time stealing a priceless artwork from Clas. A piece that once sold will solve all his financial worries and set him and Diana up for life. 

Things start to unravel for Roger and he finds himself in a battle for his life against an opponent who in all ways is the person Roger wants to be. As Roger is thrown into all manner of disturbing and gruesome scenarios he can't help but look at his life and discover just what is most important - but will this epiphany come too late?

This is a fast, action-packed novel full of dizzying scenes that seriously take a long time to erase from the brain. It is well worth reading if you don't mind a bit of gross and you love a twisty, keep you guessing type of read.

Nesbø is the well known for his Harry Hole series of books which I also love. He has a way of creating flawed characters who you still manage to like. Even when they are bad, or damaged or make mistakes. Headhunters is well worth the read!