Print!: 25 Original projects using hand-printing techniques on fabric and paper

Print! : 25 original projects using hand-printing techniques on fabric and paper / Joy Jolliffe.
United Kingdom: Collins & Brown, 2011.

Printmaking is an ancient form of art encompassing a wide variety of techniques. This book focuses on two of these techniques, block printing and screenprinting. The author details 25 appealing projects that use materials from the home, supermarket or local art shop. The projects do not require the use of printmaking studio equipment therefore increasing their accessibility. The creative ventures fall into three categories; easy, intermediate and advanced. Each have clear step by step instructions accompanied by photographs demonstrating various procedures.

Of particular interest to myself as a traditional printmaker with a background in etching was a simple assignment using different materials; a tile, a black and white photocopy and a solution of white spirit and liquid soap. The author explains that the photocopy is firstly submerged into a tray of the solution with care taken not to disturb the photocopy ink. The soaked photocopy is then lifted from the tray and placed image side down onto the surface of the tile. A printmaking roller is used to flatten the paper completely transferring the black image onto the tile.

Included in the back of this book are templates for photocopying, a glossary, a comprehensive index and list of resources (British suppliers only but an Internet search engine can provide Australian equivalents). This book is ideal for anyone with an interest in printmaking whether it be as a beginner or at a more advanced level. Winter is the perfect time to indulge in an indoor hobby!