Book review: Mercy by Rebecca Lim

“ Exiled from Heaven, a lost soul seeks her soulmate …”

Mercy is a Fallen/ Exiled Archangel, who has lost a large chunk of her memory.
She doesn’t remember why she keep “waking” up having effectively possessed a strangers body and assumed their life, in an effort to hide from the eight unknown figures that the man in her dreams, Luc, (could he be from her past?) keeps warning her about.

The story begins with Mercy “waking up” in the body of a girl called Carmen; a talented solo soprano singer in her school choir. The school choir are visiting a town called Paradise to prepare and present a concert.
What could possibly go wrong?

While she doesn’t know much about herself including her true name, Mercy/Carmen knows there is something strange going on in Paradise.  A girl from the family that Mercy/Carmen is stating with has gone missing.  Luc warns her not to interfere, but Mercy finds it’s simply not in her to ignore a missing girl and a family in pain.

Ryan is the twin brother of the missing girl. He is hell bent on finding his sister, convinced that the dreams he’s been having are linked to her trying to tell him where she is and what’s happened. Could it be that they can help each other out? Ryan covers for Mercy’s slip ups while Mercy helps Ryan figure out who’s innocent, who’s lying and finding out just exactly what is going on in Paradise.   

While I truly enjoyed this book, when I first started reading it I felt like I was missing a chunk of back-story. However, this fits in with the story, as the missing parts are Mercy’s forgotten memories. Persevere, as events and facts are put together and explained as the story unfolds.