One day by David Nicholls

An international bestseller, One Day by David Nicholls discusses the dynamics of male-female friendship, love, aspiration and disappointment in the post-college years. Set across England and Scotland in the 1980s and 90s, One Day is a tale of two unlikely friends and the highs and lows of their respective lives.  It is a very funny book but is also much more than that.
The story unfolds from the day Emma and Dexter first meet on 15 July 1988, the last day of their student days in Edinburgh.  Thereafter, the novel catches up with them every subsequent 15 July, the annual updates charting the course of their lives and their continuing though not always flourishing friendship.
While this book is both a love story and a comic novel, it is also wise, poignant, compassionate and incredibly sad. It reminds us to seize the day and not to take anything for granted.