Dream a little, or big dream in June

There is something common among humans: we all dream. 
Whether it is the strange and surreal happenings in our sleep, or our most lofty aspirations for the future, the human mind is an endless expanse of imagination and dreams. What better place than the library to explore the theme for June in the National Year of Reading: ‘Dream’? 

Discover the art of dream interpretation, what is your subconscious really trying to tell you when your teeth fall out in a dream? Or plan your future, with guides on how to find that dream job. 
At Menai Library we have created a Dream Tree installation, take a look at our photos, or – better yet – come along for a visit, and let us know what you think! Every item used in the installation has been recycled, proving that even the most unexpected objects can conjure new meanings. 
This month, read something unexpected, something inspiring, and ask: What’s my dream?