Knit In 2009 Sutherland and Caringbah Libraries

 Sutherland Library and Caringbah Library are proud to host a Knit In to support the Wrap With Love organisation. Over the past few years, the Wrap With Love organisation has sent more than 184,000 beautiful handmade wraps to those in need. Australian knitters contributed 2,223 wraps in 2008.

To be part of this event all that is needed is spare yarn and a pair of knitting needles or a crochet hook. Knitting instructions and further information on the Knit In can be found on the ABC Sydney Knit In web site. The libraries will have copies of the instructions.

Come and join your fellow knitters for a chat and coffee.

Friday 7th August 9am-11am (or later if you wish) at:

Sutherland Library
30-36 Belmont Street
Enquiries 9710 0351

Caringbah Library
376-378 Port Hacking Road
Enquiries 9524 3803

If you can't attend our Knit In on that day completed squares or wraps can be dropped off by 28th August at:

Any Sutherland Shire library

Sutherland Shire Council Service Centre
Eton Street

Sutherland Shire Adult Leisure Learning Centre
3A Stapleton Avenue, Sutherland

Black headed snake

Librarians log 15th of July 2009:

Its 2:00pm and Menai Library has been invaded by animals as well as 29 excited children. There are lizards running around on the floor of the reference room, frogs climbing up the walls, turtles slowly working their way across tables and a snake has found a hiding spot under the shelves, to escape the chaos.

While we did have animals in the menai library on the 15th of July 2009, both animals and children were very well behaved with their handlers Darrelyn and Tara from Feature Creatures: Mobile Reptiles and Amphibians and parents standing close by.

Children had a wonderful time learning and interacting with the animals. Such as:
•Blue tongued lizard
•Shingle back lizard
•Bearded Dragon
•Frill neck lizard
•both Short and Long neck turtles
•a Fresh water crocodile
•Black headed snake
As well as a Nature table displaying smaller creepy crawlies.

Fun was had by both animals and people alike.

Diabetes Week@Sutherland Library

National Diabetes Week 2009 is being held on 12-18 July.

An estimated 275 Australian develop diabetes every day making diabetes our fastest growing disease. It was estimated that in 2007 about 890,000 Australians were diagnosed with diabetes. The total number of diagnosed cases and those with pre diabetes was a staggering 3.2 million.
In conjunction with Diabetes Week, a Clinical Nurse Educator from Kareena Private Hospital will be conducting Blood Glucose Level testing and providing advice on the prevention and management of diabetes.

Sutherland Library
Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th July
10am to 12 noon.

The library has books on this condition as well as many cookbooks to inspire healthy eating choices.

NAIDOC Week 2009

NAIDOC Week 2009 - Honouring our elders, nurturing our youth.

From Monday 6 July, 2009 - Friday 10 July, 2009 documentaries and films will be showing in the Southern Lounge at Sutherland Library.

Get a cuppa from our hot drink dispenser, relax with some friends in our comfy lounge and learn a little about some fabulous Australian Aboriginal people.

Follow the links to read what Ronin Films say about these DVDs and maybe order your own copy.

Monday10am The Coolbaroo Club.
11am Intervention: Katherine, NT

2pm A walk with words : the poetry of Romaine Moreton.
2.30pm Urban clan : a portrait of the Page Brothers and Bangarra Dance Theatre.
3.30pm Deadly Yarns. 5 Short films (Broken bonds, Don't say sorry, Ganggu Mama, Miss Coolbaroo, Sugar Bag)

2pm Land of the Little Kings.
3.30pm 5 Seasons

10am River of no return.
11am 5 short films (Night patrol, Straight from the Yudaman's mouth, Look listen speak, Milerum whose story?, Apekathe)

Friday - Sports special
2pm Aboriginal Rules.
3pm Buffalo Legends.