Cronulla Library’s ‘Favourite Travel Destination Competition ‘

Bruny Island, Tasmania - Photo by Alex FotoMoto on Flickr

Cronulla Library held a 'Your favourite travel destination' competition during the month of May to celebrate the 'Escape' theme for the National Year of Reading 2012.

Our Winner Val Jory told us in 25 words or less why Tasmania was her favourite travel destination and why it means so much to her.

 “I thought my travelling days were over considering my age, but I was wrong. The craving never stops for those tantalising faraway places.”

Her words came right from the heart and proved that you are never too old to travel.
Our entries were comprised of so many wonderful and exotic destinations. Here are just a few to inspire you.

India “… embodies all facets of the human experience in a visceral assault on the senses. It has something everyone will both love and hate.”

Spain “I walked 840 kms last year along the ‘Camino De Santiago’. I loved the people, the passion, food and music, mountains , wildflowers and nature.”

France “My Grandmother’s home which I visit many times as a young man. Interesting  and civilized.”

Antarctica “I fulfilled a life time dream to visit Antarctica and walk with the Penguins.”

Hong Kong “It never fails to excite and surprise one . High rise, traditional China, superb views, outer Islands, busy, busy harbour. A jewel of the East.”

Egypt “Ancient history has captivated me since childhood. Experiencing Egypt’s wonders was breathtaking beyond expectation. I feel blessed to have witnessed these ancient wonders.”

Other destinations included:
  • Releasing the inner child at Disneyland L.A.
  • Skiing the snow covered mountains in Canada.
  • Experiencing the contemporary art world of New York.
  •  Revering the capital of Democracy, Washington DC.
  •  Visiting family in Malta.
  • Luxuriating at Dunk Island resort.
  •  Stepping back in time into the surreal and beautiful world of Venice.
  • Making a mini documentary about the villages of South America.
  • Admiring the picturesque setting of Lake Como in Italy.

Hawaii, The Great Wall of China, Orlando, Florida, Los Angeles, Czech Republic, Fiji, Grand Canyon, London, Dublin.

Guidebooks and travel information are always available at all our Libraries.