Book review: When my husband does the dishes...

I was motivated to read Kerri Sackville's book 'When my husband does the dishes.....A memoir of marriage and motherhood' after several friends attended her recent Author Talk at Sutherland Library.
Kerri Sackville is well known in the online world. She is a blogger, columnist and freelance writer. This is Kerri's first book (published by Random House Australia, 2011).
I enjoyed the book from the start. As a female who is employed, married, has small children, is a daughter, sister and friend, I frequently laughed out loud at Kerri's shrewd observations.
The author is also married, lives in Sydney and has three kids - Little Man, Pinkela and Toddler. I have a Little Man and a Toddler. This is a story about her life (and mine?) and daily crises as a working mum and wife.
Obviously I related to the book on many levels. The following conversation (also) occurs in my home (every night!) ......
Okay kids, eat your dinner.
Eat some of your dinner.
Eat three mouthfuls.
Just eat two mouthfuls.
Okay, one more mouthful.
Fine, don't eat it. See IF I CARE!
The book is light hearted and suited to reading in short burst (perfect for cleaners and mums).
Kerri's tips for household / small people management are classic and easy to apply. 'If you don't sit still in the car, we will all have to go to jail' and 'Do your homework and I'll give you a treat' and 'Cooking includes two minute noodles (especially if you use the flavour satchel)'. Her diagnostic guide for 'Man Flu' is useful information for any female.
Having just enjoyed a long weekend and 6 hour return car trip, Kerri's account of day tripping and holidaying with kids is spot on. Her list of playground 'joys' will be familiar with most mums. Pushing your kid on the swing for 10 minutes is fun, for the next three hours, not so much!
Kerri's descriptions and insights are honest, sharp, accurate, clever and very, very funny. Reading the book made me feel less overwhelmed in my own crazy, fun, stretched, fast paced world.
What I loved most about this book is despite acknowledging (a lot!) the exhaustion, frustrations, anxiety, drudgery, craziness, repetitiveness and effort of being in a relationship and a mother - her joyfulness, love for her family and sense of humour shines through.
Those surrounded by children are truly, truly blessed. Even so, I look forward to a few quiet and child free moments to read Kerri's recently released second book, 'The Little Book Of Anxiety: Confessions From A Worried Life'.