Overdrive eBooks and Audiobooks - Website Update

Users of the Library's Overdrive eBooks and Audiobooks will notice a change during the week beginning 11 March to the way they access and download digital books.

The existing Overdrive website is being redesigned.

Overdrive have redesigned our website to make finding and reading audiobooks and eBooks easier and to improve the experience on mobile phones and small screen devices.

The update to our Overdrive website includes “One-Step Checkout”, OverDrive Read (reading eBooks in the browser), and many search and navigation improvements.

Watch a Video Overview

This video from Overdrive introduces the changes and new features that will be implemented in the new design.

A Warning to users of Internet Explorer

The Next Generation digital library website makes use of modern web technologies, which are not supported by some versions of Internet Explorer. Users of Internet Explorer 7 may want to change to a modern browser such as Firefox or Chrome. Otherwise they will be prompted to install the Chrome Frame plug-in. The plug-in is free and only takes a few seconds to install. 

Users of IE 8 & 9 who wish to read eBooks in their browser (Overdrive Read) will also need to switch another browser or be prompted to install the Chrome Frame plug-in.