National Boardies Day - 22nd Feb

National Boardies Day 22nd February
Sheep on a beach  by P. Crumble & Danielle McDonald
This is a great book for kids learning to read, as it starts simply with the word 'Sheep' and page by page builds on that idea, so the sight and sound of the words are repeated over and over. It also works well with simple concepts for children, with things opening (the esky), going up (an umbrella) or going underneath (a towel):
  Sheep on a beach.
    Umbrella up, towel underneath.
       Boardies on – sweet!’

To the beach!  by Linda Ashman & Nadine Bernard Westcott
It's a perfect day for swimming, building sand castles, and flying kites. But will this wacky family of seven ever make it to the beach? First they need to go back for Fido. Then there's the cooler full of soda. And what about Baby's beloved ducky pail? Even with all the things everyone has forgotten to bring, the unpredictable weather, and the stop-and-go traffic, this family's beach trip is sure to be the best yet. That is, if they can ever get there!

Beach bag boogie  by Lindsay Wood & Rebekah Holguin
Jasper is camping with his family at the beach. When he wakes up in a tent, at first he doesn't remember where he is, but soon the various sights and sounds of a day at the beach make him dance with joy. This delightful picture book captures the quintessential kid's summer holiday spent at the beach. With a catchy repetitive structure, it will have children chanting along as you read it to them - and a ‘jig-jiggling urge to dance’ will set in!  

The sun is shining, it's hot outside and Lily and Milo want to go to the beach. They choose bathing suits, towels, sun lotion, a beach umbrella, sunglasses and sunhats. They are ready. But can they leave right away? In these charming stories about an innocent rabbit, Lily, and her mischievous mouse friend, Milo, there is a fun focus on a child’s daily activities. The repetition of different objects on each page serves as a memory game for toddlers, the cheeky humour creates a unique learning experience, and rounded corners and heavy paper will stand up to tiny hands turning pages.
Magic Beach  by Alison Lester
Magic Beach is a beautiful picture book which revels in the glory of the imaginative childhood - it delights in our child's ability to turn everything in to such an exciting adventure.  An Australian bestseller this is clearly loved and adored by both children and their parents. I loved the endearing pattern to this book which opens up the imagination.  The first double page describes an element of a beach scene with typical Alison Lester brilliance - rhythm and descriptive excellence;  ‘Surfing and splashing
                                  and jumping the waves,
                                   shrieking and laughing with glee.’

A Surfer's Quote: 'A bad day surfing is better than a good day working' Anon       Cowabunga, Dudes!