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Kick off a month of romance this February with a story of love, life and shoes (of course)!

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The most magical thing happened on the morning of my grandmother's wedding in Tuscany. It snowed.
This is definitely Italian snow, not the New York City variety of mid winter precipitation, It doesn't fall in big, chunky flakes, nor is it heavy February hail that stings faces and turns sidewalks into solid sheets of ice. Rather, this is a flurry of white glitter that sifts through the airland melts instantly when it lands on the stone streets.
From my window at the Spolti Inn, it seems the entire village of Arezzo is swathed in a lace bridal veil. I sip hot milk and espresso from a warm mug as I watch an old horse drawn carriage pull up in front of the inn to take us to the church. It doesn't feel like 2010. It could easily be a hundred years ago, not a modern touch in sight. Time stands still when people are happy. The ticking of real time resumes as soon as the rings are exchanged-for all of us.
Gram and Dominic's wedding plans were made quickly and effortlessly (the beauty of an eighty year old bride is that she really knows what she does and doesn't want). The airline tickets were bought online after a series of negotiations that eventually led to a splendid group rate that brought the Angelini and Roncalli families to this Italian village, into this moment, this morning.

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