Keep Reading: Rural Romance

Rural romance, affectionately known as "Chook Lit" is a uniquely Australian take on romance fiction. 

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‘We’d like you to go to the Pilbara.’
Oh no. ‘Er . . . the Pilbara?’ Wasn’t that a wasteland of bush, red dirt and hot weather? Lena clutched her hands together in her lap, noticing even in her dazed state that she had chipped her nail polish.Damn. ‘Yes, Cape Lambert to be precise,’ her boss, Ivan, continued.Focus.‘Oh right.’ She smoothed her cream skirt across her thighs and regarded him with what she hoped was an expression of intelligent interest. ‘I’ve heard about the project we’ve got going on out there. Sounds big.’It was. It was one of the biggest projects Barnes Inc had taken on that year. Theoretically, Lena should have felt honoured that she had been chosen to go, but she didn’t. Not even slightly.The outback was something to be celebrated on Australia Day, or perhaps on a stroll through Perth Museum. But as far as Lena was concerned, one should never live there. Lena liked the city. She liked the nightclubs. And she loved shopping.

Couldn’t she use her skills here? Ivan pushed the papers on his desk together into a neat pile. ‘We believe as a graduate engineer this experience will enhance your site skills. This is a vital requirement for a good engineer. Would you be interested in taking this position?’Lena’s skin prickled as she registered the importance of the question. It was a test. He was asking her if she was serious about her career.
‘Yes, yes, I would.’For goodness sake, sound convincing.She cleared her throat and tossed her dark blonde mane. ‘It’s very important to me to do well here, Ivan.’‘Glad to hear it.’ Oh good. The Tone. It wasn’t the first time Lena had heard that particular blend of condescension and sarcasm in someone’s voice. In fact, she got it a lot. Heard it on her first day of work when she’d arrived wearing her lucky red suit. Heard it at her first meeting when she’d laid her turquoise smartphone on the table next to her notebook. What was it with engineers and fashion? Was there some rule against bright colours and quality accessories that she hadn’t read about at university?

To keep reading this book request your copy from the Library.

To Keep Reading this book, request it from the Library.