Georgette Heyer - Literature in the Library Event

February is the month of romance and here at Sutherland Library we are celebrating all things in the name of amour. 

The library has a large and passionate romance reader membership - this includes a number of library staff! Our pink wall of Mills and Boon novels is frequently perused, best-selling romance novels grace our popular 'Fastback' stand and there are over 1220 items listed as 'love stories' in our library collection. 

To build on this passion in February 2013, we are lucky enough to welcome Amanda Jones, a Regency romance enthusiast and presenter to give a talk on the woman who some call the founder of the Regency romance genre, Georgette Heyer.

Georgette Heyer 
A bit of background on Heyer: 
'Heyer essentially established the historical romance genre and its subgenre Regency romance. Her Regencies were inspired byJane Austen, but unlike Austen, who wrote about and for the times in which she lived, Heyer was forced to include copious information about the period so that her readers would understand the setting.'

This talk will be the first in our series of 'Literature in the Library' (LITL) events for 2013. For more information and bookings, visit the event page for this talk. 

If you fancy yourself to be a budding romance writer, or if you just want to have a bit of fun, we're running a little competition in the first 2 weeks of February that may just see your writing skills giving you an advantage! Visit the competition page for more information and to enter your piece of romance writing. You might win a special prize! 

Happy Valentines!