February Romance Writing Competition: Winning entries

To celebrate Valentine's Day/ Library Lovers Day, aspiring writers were invited to write the opening paragraphs of a story, describing how the hero and heroine met. The winner received a complete boxed set of  “50 shades of Grey”, kindly donated to the Library.  You can read the winning entry and highly commended entries below.

 The winner is…… Patricia Leigh of Sutherland
Jasmin stormed across the roof and clenched the stony wall with both hands, I knew that stance, she was furious; being rescued makes her fiery and so irresistible. The passion in her rage, I was determined to channel into l‘amour.  Pulling out my phone I proceeded to play a romantic, seductive, alluring, hypnotic, song.  Leisurely I draw near to my sizzling flame, placing my phone on a nearby bench.   Positioned behind her I paused for a moment, my breath causing the hairs on her neck to stand on end; then lovingly I wrapped my arms around her, she slaps them away in disgust; undeterred again I wrap my arms around her and kiss her on her neck, she does not fight me and melts into my arms.   We stand swaying to the music for a brief moment until she slowly turns towards me; she engages my lips with her teeth as if to demonstrate she still has the upper hand, then she gently releases until we are standing lips touching lips; just as I am about to ravish them, she suavely slides by me, and continues to move away, sleekly, teasingly glancing back then finally says in a seductively mesmerising  voice “tomorrow!”.

Highly commended:

“Puppy love”  By Bronte Castle
"Fleur was taking a solitary stroll on the moonlit beach, enjoying the sound  of  the calming, soothing music of the waves  lapping the shore.  Feeling relaxed, she sat down to enjoy the view of the ocean and absolute peace.
Suddenly from out of nowhere, a black, boisterous and very wet dog landed in her lap, gazing up at her with warm brown eyes, clearly awaiting a pat.
“You’re gorgeous!”  she exclaimed, instantly forgetting she was now soaked, not  to mention stunned at this  totally unexpected interruption.
“You know what they say, dogs always look like their owners” said a deep baritone voice behind her.
Startled she looked up to meet a pair of playful dark eyes, and thought to herself “mmm…that’s so true” and smiled...

 By Lilian Sauvage
"Dessie stood and wiped her slender arm across her forehead, catching the sweat that had started to bead. Working on the farm was tough, no doubt about that, especially in the summer heat. Looking at her watch, she realised it was past midday and time for a well earned break. She collected her lunch box and walked down to the stopgap creek, where the willows give much needed shade and the cool pool of water shimmered invitingly. The creek was the border between her land and the neighbors and had always been a secluded and peaceful spot for her.
Dessie look furtively about and without a second though whipped off her clothes to plunge into the cool creek pool. The water enveloped her and she instantly felt revived, gasping as her head broke the surface... only to hear a deep chuckle from the other side of the bank. Dessie gasped as she locked eyes with Trent Hazel, who's 6ft frame was now shaking with laughter at having caught her in such an indecent state. ""Looks like you're in a bit of a bind now Dessie"" Trent drawled as his smile widened, showing straight, white teeth offset by his dark, tanned skin.
""What are you doing back!?"" Dessie exclaimed as she tried to dip lower in the water, her dark brown hair swirling around her shoulders, water dripping from her eyelashes. "I haven't seen you in ten years Trent, what the hell are you doing here"?
""Let's just say I'm here to enjoy the view." Trent winked.

"Taming the Groom” by Belle Underhill
The tall, dark, mysterious stranger regarded Mercy through dark hooded eyes.  He looked enticing but dangerous.  With her heart beating loudly, Mercy folded her hand demurely in her lap and lowered her eyes.  She could feel his dark eyes boring into her soul.
After a long silence he spoke in a rich bass voice.  “So you are the lovely Mercy Shrewsbury that I have heard so much about?”
Forgetting herself Mercy replied “And your name Sir?”
The man’s mouth twitched into a glimmer of a smile as he replied “I am Sir Joshua Littlejohn”.
Mercy felt herself go instantly pale.  So this was the man that she was to marry.