iBLURB Kids Fiction 3

Quote: 'Reading aloud with children is known to be the single most important activity for building the knowledge and skills they will eventually require for learning to read'  - Marilyn Jager Adams

Stella by the Sea  by Ruth Starke
Shortlisted  2004
Stella Seaton longs to live in an ordinary house, with an ordinary backyard. Instead, she lives in a luxury penthouse at the top of Bayview Tower with her mum and dad. When Stella finds the perfect girl-sized playhouse -- and tries to make it hers -- how far will she go to become an ordinary girl in her extraordinary world? Grades 3-6

Shortened version
Pollyanna  by Eleanor H. Porter adapted & illustrated by Marion Leighton  The whole town is playing the game, and the whole town is wonderfully happier—and all because of one little girl who taught the people a new game, and how to play it. Suddenly orphaned, Pollyanna is sent across the country to a small town in Vermont, where she will live with her strict Aunt Polly. But Pollyanna doesn't seem to notice how stern and unfeeling her aunt really is. When feeling unhappy, she simply plays her 'glad' game—finding a silver lining in every dark cloud. Eventually, Pollyanna brightens the lives of everyone in town with her infectious game, and finds a home for every stray cat, dog, and child she encounters. But then a terrible accident happens and Pollyanna can't find anything to feel glad about anymore. All of her new friends turn out to support her, but will that be enough to restore Pollyanna's cheerful outlook on life?   (This is the book I dragged to my grandparents every school holidays, it drove them nutso! When the going gets tough, I still secretly play the ‘glad game’ Shhhhh!)  Also in the Original classic text version, the abridged text version, DVD and CD audiobook.

Captain Mack by James Roy
Honour Book 2005
Honour Book 2000
When Captain Mack is released from his prison camp at the end of the war, no one is quite sure what to expect, least of all his son Billy. Will he be the same man who went off to war so full of hope and pride, or will he be different? Will he even remember his own children? Or will his painful experiences on the dreaded railway have changed him forever? In this prequel to the powerful Billy Mack's War, acclaimed author James Roy takes us on a journey back to 1945, to a time when the world was trying to recover after five years of war, and families were learning how to live together all over again.  (These are both time-split novels - learn about our past through a shared conversation with a veteran soldier and his concerned son. Excellent!)

Just for Fun:
What does the Cranky Clam use to call up his friends?  

A Shellular Phone!