Looking for something to read? Try Jane Austen's Mansfield Park

The Jane Austen Book Club day and evening meetings are  discussing Mansfield Park for the April meetings, making  the perfect time to read, or re-read  the original story, watch the movie, or enjoy some inspired fan fiction. 

Re-read the original... 
 Mansfield Park by Jane Austen.

Busy? Listen to an audiobook! Available on CD or to download a copy from Overdrive.

Mansfield Park (downloadable version)


Watch:  a TV or movie adaption.

 Mansfield Park (Televison series)

 Mansfield Park (DVD)

Or enjoy some fan fiction

Murder at Mansfield Park by Lynn Shepherd.

 Ever wondered what would happen if Jane Austen had turned her hand to writing murder mysteries? Offering a new twist on this classic tale,  enjoy a riveting  murder mystery that will keep you guessing until the last page, one where Fanny is no longer the dreary and insipid heroine…


Book Four  in the Mr and Mrs Darcy series, The Darcy's latest adventure in set in Mansfield Park. Mr. Darcy's aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, is eager to arrange a lucrative and socially advantageous match for her daughter, Anne. Of course, her ladyship has not taken into account such frivolous matters as love or romance, let alone the wishes of her daughter. Needless to say, there is much turmoil when the bride-to-be elopes. Their pursuit of the headstrong couple leads the Darcys to the village of Mansfield, where the usually intricate game of marriage machinations becomes still more convoluted by lies and deception. There, the Darcys discover that love and marriage can be a complex and dangerous business — one that can even lead to murder.

 Edmund Bertram’s diary by Amanda Grange.

Jane Austen's Mansfield Park re-told in diary form, from Edmund Bertram's perspective. This is one of a series of books inspired by Jane Austen's heroes.

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