iBLURB for Kiddies 6

Theme: Those Darn Dogs!

Quote: The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you will go.   Dr Seuss

Why do I have to eat off the floor?  by Chris Hornsey & Gwen Perkins  
Why can't I sleep in your bed?
Why can't I drive the car?
Why can't we play all the time? These seemingly innocent questions, the kind usually asked by a child to an adult, take on a wildly humorous twist when addressed to a child by her dog, Murphy! The minimalist text and succinct illustrations, brilliantly set off the grandiose ambitions of this adorable, little dog with BIG ideas. His owner patiently answers all of his 'why' questions, until finally, she's forced to tell it like it is: that Murphy is a D-O-G (not-a-human).  (This book appeals to children, adults, and all those dog owners with pups who just can't believe they're not people!)

Pocket Dogs  by Margaret Wild
Mr Pockets had a very big coat, and in his very big coat he had two very big pockets.  The two very big pockets were just the right size for two very small dogs. Their names were Biff and Buff. Every day, winter or summer, Mr Pockets put on his big coat. Then he put Biff in the right pocket, and Buff in the left pocket. Biff stuck his foot through a hole in Mr Pocket’s right pocket that grew bigger and bigger and bigger!
One day, the inevitable happens and poor wee biff falls out through the hole. Lost and frightened in a sea of legs he meets a few good samaritans who try to pop Biff in a shopping basket, a toy pram and a shopping trolley to help him find his home but none of them feel right so he jumps out. He is a pocket dog. Mr Pocket’s pocket dog!

The Big Little Book of Happy Sadness  by Colin Thompson
George, a sad little orphan, lives with his sweet-faced grandmother but feels very much alone. When on his Friday afternoon visit to the dog shelter he finds a three-legged dog that seems as unwanted as he feels himself to be, he engages his grandmother's help to adopt the scruffy pup before it’s euthanased. This act rescues the boy as well as his grandmother, and a family is born. (Yes, there is a bit of sadness, but it's a also a story of hope, friendship and love. All told ... this is a wonderful heart-warming story to be read to your children)
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