April School Holidays - Space Report

'Live Long and Prosper'

Ragbir and kids with their mobiles
Rocket into Space!  
 - Book launch & experiments.
Our guest speaker, award winning author, teacher and astrophysicist Ragbir Bhathal spoke about his new interactive children's book. The kids happily made a 'planets in space' mobile and they were given a space message to decipher by de-coding a set of 1111's and 0000's onto a master sheet. It reminded us ALL of 'ET phone home' (oh well, maybe that was just me!) 
Thank You, Ragbir.

So that's where the odd socks go!
Space Fun at your Library
Beam us up! Please!
As you may already know Sutherland Shire Libraries conduct a drop-in session at each branch to provide an opportunity for the school aged kids to visit the library for some holiday fun. We have stories, songs, simple interactive games, a film and a craft. April holidays was a Space theme and boy did we have fun with that! At Miranda we had two green alien holograms teleported-in to read some stories. While at Sutherland we had two 'Space Chicks' conduct the session, one of whom was being pursued by an imposing Darth Vader. Fortunately their paths didn't cross during their short visit but Darth did sing us a chorus of his sad lament 'Twinkle, twinkle, my Death Star, how I wonder where you are?' 
(Ask Luke... maybe?)

Trevor’s Drawing Workshops
We had 63 excited kids at Trevor’s Drawing workshops this Holiday. Trevor supplies a take-home booklet so that the kids can continue practising their new found skills at home. He also provides sketch paper, pencils and erasers – kids sometimes like to bring their own special coloured pencils. One thing about these sessions is that they can be unnaturally quiet, with heads down, pencils scratching and brows creased with concentration – a bit spooky really!
No wonder Trevor keeps coming back for more! 
Thanks a bunch, Trev. 
Trevor with Captain Underpants!
Happy sketchers!
Space and Beyond Workshop
This was an exciting workshop to help kids understand a little more about the universe that surrounds them. The kids were able to watch and help conduct simple experiments, they even got to make some horrid green slime to take home. This was an excellent hands-on session and a joy to clean-up after.
I think they enjoyed themselves!
Making green slime...
Warning!  Warning!  This is the Kid's Zone!