April - CrimeReads for Kids

Quote: Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them - James Baldwin

The Bugalugs Bum Thief  
by Tim Winton & Stephen Michael King
The town of Bugalugs is where residents wake up one morning to find that their buttocks are missing, now all 496 citizens of the town of Bugalugs are now BUMLESS!
After waking up to discover that his butt is missing, Skeeta Anderson, with the help of his best mate Billy Marbels and Mick Misery, they set out to discover where all the bums have gone and to find the culprit who pinched all those rumps. After much mayhem, madness and derriere detecting, Skeeta finally unravels the mystery and the townspeople of Bugalugs get their bottoms back. Things turn out alright at the end … well almost!   Ages 4-10 
(Gee, I hope I get a skinny one back!)

Poppy and the Thief  by Gabrielle Wang
It's 1864 . . . and Poppy is on the road again, heading to the town of Wahgunyah. On the way she meets a stranger who seems to know something about her past, and her special letter with the red tiger seal. But the more time she spends with this boy, the more difficult he becomes. Should Poppy trust him? Join Poppy on her adventure in the third of four exciting stories about a Gold Rush girl who dreams of a better life. This book is part of the popular 'Our Australian Girl' series.

The Treasure Thief  by Beatrice Rodriguez
Rooster, Hare and Bear bid adieu to Fox and Chicken, and start their sea voyage back home to the farm. But it's no pleasure cruise. En route they wash up on a deserted island, where Rooster discovers a mysterious white orb. Becoming oblivious to his companions, Rooster is possessed by the orb and takes it all the way home. His faithful companions follow, surviving toxic toadstools, piranhas and tiny bats. When Rooster gets home, he discovers the orb contains something more precious than he ever imagined ... (cute picture book)

It's a deafening sunrise in the Triassic, but one sound is louder than everything - the shriek of a pack of eohraptors. These noisy creatures take a shine to Wanna and before the boys can stop them, they've run away with him! Now Jamie and Tom are caught in a race against time to save their dino friend. Why not check out the other titles at the 'Dinosaur Cove' series - website.  
for ages 7-10  (we may not hold all titles)

Maisie Morris lives with her mum and her pet monkey in the small town of Groutley, where nothing exciting ever happens. So when the local newspaper reports mysterious goings-on ... the headlines read: BISCUIT BARON DOES A BUNK! and GROUTLEY GERIATRIC IS OUT OF THIS WORLD! Maisie decides to investigate. Soon she finds herself entangled in a web of whopping lies from which only her trusted accomplices, Monkey Onassis and eccentric ex-Chief of Police Ramsey McDoon, can help her escape … The thrilling, madcap sequel to 'Maisie Morris and the Awful Arkwrights'.