Discover Historical Fiction

Continue your quest of discovery of new genres of fiction to read during July with historical fiction.
Reading historical fiction is both an educational and enjoyable way to discover more about the past. Significant people, places and events from past times are bought to life, often combining a carefully researched, accurate, factual base with the fictional story. Reading a good historical fiction novel can even act as an  inspiration for more research about the actual historical events! No matter what period of history interests you, there is sure to be a historical novel covering that era which will capture your imagination.
To discover historical fiction in the library, just look for the castle genre label on the book spine. Here's a list of well known historical fiction authors to get you started.

Historical Fiction Author List
Jane Austen
*Geraldine Brooks
Elizabeth Chadwick
Tracy Chevalier
James Clavell
Bernard Cornwell
*Bryce Courtenay
Ken Follett
C.S Forester
Margaret George
Philippa Gregory
*Kate Grenville
*Thomas Keneally
Hilary Mantel
*Colleen McCullough
James A. Michener
*Judy Nunn
Patrick O'Brian
Jean Plaidy
Edward Rutherfurd
Simon Scarrow
Sir Walter Scott

*Australian Authors