A Change to Hold Fees has been Implemented

Hold/reserve fees are now only placed on requests for Adult materials, regardless of whether the library member holds a junior or adult membership.

Prior to the installation of our new library management system, reservation fees were incurred based on borrower type - adult borrowers were charged a fee, regardless of the material type, and junior borrowers (under 18 yrs) were not.

With fees being applied in that way we found that a number of adult members were being charged hold fees for requesting books and other material for their children because their children weren't members or they didn't have their card with them.  In addition, some adult members were taking advantage of the system and requesting their own books under their child's name to avoid the hold fee.

With the change of library computer system we have made the change to the way that fees are charged for reserved material.

Requests for material from the adult collection are charged at $1.00 per item. This applies to both adult and junior members. There is no charge for items requested from the junior, HSC or Young Adult collections for any library member.

There is a notice to this effect shown on the library catalogue at the time you place a request.

The Library's Conditions of Membership as well as Council's updated schedule of fees and charges also reflects this policy.

We apologise for any inconvenience that our members may have incurred as a result of this fee change.