Wildlife Spotter...Citizen Scientists wanted

National Science Week offering a chance for everyone to help build the body of knowledge which will support many future research projects.
Wildlife Spotter is calling for animal lovers, aspiring scientists, concerned citizens and anyone with some spare time to view some of the millions of photos collected from automatic cameras in many of Australia's wilderness areas.
NSW coastal rainforest
The purpose is to see if there is an animal in the photo and if there is, identify it. Scientists have been doing the work, but it will take them years to do it all and recheck the results. Meanwhile some of Australia's animals could be threatened and the data to prove it, is not in a usable form.
NT arid zones
Join in on this citizen science project and help scientists organise vital research which will inform the community's knowledge of its wildlife.
Would you like to guess at what shape the future will be due to advances in science? The Future Vision Quiz is your chance to put your choices to the test.
Are you looking for reliable scientific research on any topic? Want to read issues of these magazines .....New Scientist, Scientific American, Psychology Today, National Geographic, Physics Today Wired, Amateur Astronomy, American Scientist, Antiquity, ECOS, Nature, Popular Mechanics, Australian Science Teachers Journal? Visit Science Research Center. Sutherland Shire Library membership required.
The library Zinio magazine collection has the latest issues of Astronomy, Australasian Science, Australian Geographic National Geographic Interactive, New Scientist, New Scientist Australian edition, Popular Science Australian, Save Our Seas and Smithsonian Magazine for you to download and read on your digital device.
Interested in what else is happening during National Science Week? Visit http://www.scienceweek.net.au