2016 CBCA Book of the Year Awards: Picture Book of the Year shortlist

It's Children's Book Week 20-26 August ! Checkout the shortlisted books for each award, each day this week. The winners will be announced Friday 19 August.

The Picture Book of the Year Shortlist
Ride, Ricardo, Ride!/ Shane Devries (Text: Phil Cummings)
Ricardo loved to ride his bike through the village. He rode under endless skies, quiet and clear. He rode every day ... But then the shadows came.

My Dead Bunny/James Foley (Text: Sigi Cohen)
"My dead bunny's name is Brad; his odour is extremely bad. He visits me when I'm in bed, but Bradley wasn't always dead ..." A hilarious rhyming tale about a zombie bunny who comes back to visit his owner.

Flight/Armin Greder (Text: Nadia Wheatley)
Tonight is the night.
The family has to flee.
They've been tipped off that the authorities are after their blood.
Apparently in biblical times, a small family sets off across a desert in search of refuge from persecution in their own country, and an ancient story becomes a fable for our times.
Their journey is beset by heat and thirst, threatening tanks and the loss of their donkey, but eventually they reach a refugee camp where they can wait in safety for asylum in another country.
Windy Hollow Books

One Step at a Time/ Sally Heinrich (Text: Jane Jolly)
One Step at a Time is a story about a boy, a baby elephant and a landmine.

Suri's Wall/Matt Ottley (Text: Lucy Estela)
Suri was different from the other children and the high wall that encircled their lives was Suri's only friend, her comfort and holder of whispered secrets. That was, until one day, when from the depths of human frailty, one small child's voice was enough to change Suri's view of their world inside the wall - and that which lay beyond it. Ages 6+.


And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda/ Bruce Whatley (Text: Eric Bogle)
But the band played 'Waltzing Matilda' when we stopped to bury our slain. We buried ours, and the Turks buried theirs; then we started all over again.

Eric Bogle's famous and familiar Australian song about the Battle of Gallipoli explores the futility of war with haunting power. Now Bruce Whatley's evocative illustrations bring a heart-rending sense of reality to the tale.

A timely story for every generation to share.