To read or not to read? Chick lit

It's nearly Mother's Day, so here's a book for the girls! Written by a best selling indigenous author, who is also a poet and social commentator (amongst other things). This is a lighthearted love story, and yes, it has a happily ever after ending! Take some time to sit down, relax,  read these opening paragraphs,  then answer the question...

To read or not to read? ...You decide after reading these opening paragraphs...

 The quickest way to get over a man is the arms of another. 

'You look dreadful!' Libby said. I hadn't slept, hadn't had my caffeine hit for the day and hadn't really prepared myself for the conversation I knew was coming. 
Didn't you see yesterday's paper? I said passing it to her. I'd read it a hundred times before and I knew it off by heart.
I felt sick. 
'What is it?' Libby went straight to the sports section and read the headline out loud: 'Adam Fuller does a deal with the devil!'. 
Then she read to herself, shaking her head and tut-tutting. "I can see how this kept you awake. a man who keeps you awake when he's NOT in your bed can't be good for you.'
'I have insomnia anyway, you know that. The wonders of concealer, ' I joked pointing to the covered -up dark circles under my eyes. 
 'Don't make excuses. Your insomnia is probably due to his behaviour. Aren't you tired of having insomnia? No pun intended.'
'Yes, I'm tired. Of everything.' I sat down at my desk, out my glasses on and tried to focus on the list of things to do for the day, starting with a project meeting at 9.30am about the new exhibition we were planning. 
'Just admit you're not sleeping because of him, while he's obviously not sleeping because of other people.'
She held up the paper so I could see a photo of him, with the caption 'dam Fuller heads to the sin bin and off the field.' In the photo he had his arms around a woman dressed up, or rather, have dressed up, as the devil. I put my head in my hands and started to cry. It was all too much. I hadn't slept. I hadn't heard from Adam all week even though I had left him voicemails, and texted him and emailed him on MySpace. I didn't know what was going on with us any more. I'd never really known. 
'Lauren, tidda, please don't cry. No man is worth your tears and the one that is won't make you weep.'
'I'm just tired, ' I lied.
'First thing we need to do is sort out something to help you sleep.'
'I've been trying to read.' I blew my nose.
'That's good, what did you read last night, then?'
'Adam's MySpace page.'
I was pathetic. But I was in love, and that's what Libby didn't understand. 

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