Read for Australia - the winner is!

‘Herman and Rosie’ has been selected for the 'Read for Australia' event July 31st 2013.

also on the Book Week - Picture Book of the Year shortlist 2013
Thousands of school children will read Gus Gordon’s picture book 'Herman and Rosie' (Viking) during 'Read for Australia', a nation-wide reading event to be held during National Literacy and Numeracy Week (NLNW) in July. 

Read for Australia encourages school students across the country to read the same book simultaneously at 2pm Australian Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday 31 July. Individual schools will decide if students will read together in classrooms or gather together as a school to take part in the event.

Once upon a time in a very busy city,
on a very busy street,
in two very small apartments,
lived Herman Schubert...            (over here ---->)
... and Rosie Bloom.       (<---- over there)
Herman lived on the seventh floor.
Rosie lived on the fifth floor in the building next door.

Herman and Rosie liked living in the city.
But often the city was a lonely place.

Herman and Rosie cross paths many times but fail to meet until...
It’s not difficult to spend hours ogling over the illustrations in this book. Gus’ mixed-media illustrations feature maps, newspapers, graph paper, musical transcripts, postcards and wage sheets; together with neon lights and jeering interjections plastered in the background of some pages, they work cleverly to capture the essence of New York. The illustrations transmit the sounds, the scents and the hustle and bustle of this city that never sleeps. ~ My Little Bookcase

What a gorgeous book... on so many levels, it's a MUST read for kids and all those adults who still believe in serendipity!
Gus Gordon - author/illustrator