May - IndigiReads for Kiddies

Quote: All we want is to be able to think and do the same things as white people, while still retaining our identity as a people. - Pastor Doug Nicholls

Same, but a little bit diff’rent 
by Kylie Dunstan     Right up the very top of Australia there is a special place. My friend Normie comes from there, and he says that things are different to what you might see in the city. ‘Same, but a little bit diff’rent …’ There are things that all people need regardless of their culture or where they live. They are the elements of life that bind people together: food, water, relationships with animals, play, crafts, skills, transport, work, art and stories. (A sweet story about a unique friendship)

Look see, Look at Me!  by Leonie Norrington
Look see, look at me.
Honour book - 2011
I'm so much bigger now I'm three.
I can run, I can jump, 
I can skip, I can bump...
From the acclaimed author and illustrator team of You and Me: Our Place comes a delightful celebration of outback family life in an Aboriginal community. Leonie Norrington and Dee Huxley visited three northern communities, Wugularr, Barunga and Manyalalluk, to workshop words and drawings for this book. With it's exuberant rhyming text and wonderful illustrations, Look See, Look at Me perfectly captures a child's everyday life and will be wonderful for sharing with your toddler over and over again.

Honour book - 2011
Why I Love Australia  by Bronwyn Bancroft
Why I Love Australia is a unique, awe-inspiring visual journey by Bronwyn Bancroft, one of Australia’s leading Aboriginal illustrators. Every page shows a person holding a coolamon (wooden bowl). 'The person you see on each page is the host to each of the landscapes, who wishes you well as you visit,' Bronwyn explains. Explore a variety of dramatic Australian landscapes (Gloriously vivid colours & text)

Tom Tom  by Rosemary Sullivan and Dee Huxley
Honour book - 2009
A story of a day in the life of a small Aboriginal boy in the imaginary Aboriginal community of Lemonade Springs, in the Territory. It provides a vivid and authentic illustration of life in an Aboriginal community, and of the ambience of those long, free days of childhood, where Aboriginal children roam from place to place, visiting various relatives, climbing trees, chasing lizards, kicking footballs or playing in the mud. This is a tale of the interconnected-ness of family and place. also available a book+CD kit
Hands across Australia - make the connection.