Palm Reading will Amaze!

Each Monday in January between 10am and 12noon, Rosemary Dawson, a natural born medium, will be at Sutherland Library, providing short personal Psychic Readings. Be in the library on Monday morning to secure your 15 minute time slot.

Amazing Monday offers you the opportunity to learn about yourself, through a Palm or Numerology reading, as well as encountering new authors and genres.

Visit the Information Desk where staff will help you 'Seek An Amazing Read', using databases packed full of suggestions which can be tailored to your preferences.

So visit Sutherland Library on Amazing Monday, to find a 'read' tailored just to you!

Rosemary Dawson, comes from a large Irish family where ghostly encounters and paranormal activity were considered the norm. Rosemary decided to embrace her Psychic gifts through her studies and acquired a Post Grad degree as well as a Masters of Applied Science at University. She has taught English and Religious Studies in High School over a period of 25 years.
Rosemary gives Psychic Readings at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival at Darling Harbour each year and runs the Red Dragon Coaching Service in Cronulla.