Amazing Mondays- Amazing Reads

Looking for an Amazing read? Try one of these ten Amazing Reads compiled by Sutherland Library's very well read Document Delivery Officer, Diane Ollerenshaw.

1. Tolstoy and the purple chair: my year of magical reading / Nina Sankovich An enjoyable read and a Reader’s Advisory all rolled into one. Nina commits to reading a book a day for a year in an effort to overcome her grief at her sister’s early death.

2. Shadow Lines / Stephen KinnaneStephen tells of living in Perth last century - the Aboriginal experience. He also weaves in both sides of his family history - the Aboriginal, and the immigrant.

3. Down among the women / Margaret DrabbleFictionAn inconsistent, prolific author. This was the first title of hers that I read. It spoke to me in the 70’s about the strength of women.

4. The female eunuch / Germaine GreerAnother one from the seventies when I enjoyed so many “yes, that’s how I feel” moments in this groundbreaker of its time.

5. Last chance cafe / Liz Byrski FictionAn Australian author of women’s fiction - one to acknowlege what an enjoyable experience it was to read when you closed the book on finishing it.

6. Convincing ground: learning to fall in love with your country / Bruce PascoeShows how the colonists reporting of black/white history went wrong. Insights into the Aboriginal people and this country.

7. Carpentaria / Alexis Wright FictionIn the Gulf of Carpentaria a fictitious mining town of Desperance and its people come alive. Family relations, black/white relations, politics, reality and myth all rolling along to entertain and educate the reader.

8. Justice / Karen Robards FictionSpooks of the spy kind and the ghost kind help the suspense build in this story of strong women characters

9. The happiest refugee / Ahn Do Anh's name is Do (sounds like dough) but must mean doo because he can do anything. Stand-up comedy, qualify as a lawyer, movie star, TV show host AND write a good book. All of this after surviving a horror journey to Australia as a refugee. Read Anh's pacy, humorous tale and gain a little insight into the difficulties refugees can face and overcome in Australia.

10. Mornings in Jenin / by Susan Albuhawa Palestinian refugees and the Arab/Israeli conflict are the big subjects in this book. This is a work of fiction that peaks your interest into delving deeper into the reporting on this conflict.