Get Folding!

We are all loving book folding here at the library; have you seen our lovely display made from discarded books? To create your own book sculptures try these simple steps:

1. Grab a book, preferably a paperback as they are easier to fold.
Choose a book with over 300 pages to ensure the folding creates a full 360 degree shape.
2. Open up your book and fold the top corner into the centre to create a triangle at the top of the page. Repeat this step with the bottom corner to create a large trangle.
3. Repeat these steps till you reach the end of the book.
4. To complete your book folding, trim off the book covers with a Stanley knife – and you’re done!
This is just one example – for more great book folding ideas check out these great books from Shire Libraries or watch this youtube clip which shows you how.

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A warning however - book folding is highly addictive!