January- Amazing Reads

The National Year of Reading has arrived, and to kick it off a great year of reading celebration, the first theme is Amazing Reads!
What is an Amazing Read?
It is any read you find amazing! This includes any books which might confound, as by fear, wonder or extreme surprise, or that astounds or astonishes you greatly. It might be an adventure, a mystery with a surprising twist, a tale of a wonderous journey, or a story set in a fantastic, imaginative world. It may be a biography of someone’s inspirational and fascinating life, or a simply amazingly well written tome of literary worth.
Amazing Reads might be books that have been recommended by someone else, those books that have touched your heart and stayed with you, and could be your favourite books that are re-read every year and continue to be enjoyed.
Are you looking for your next Amazing Read? Why not try one the books from the weekly lists of top ten amazing reads compiled by Sutherland Library’s Reference team, find them posted on the Sutherland Library News each Monday throughout the month of January. Don't forget to fill in an entry form when you return your books to the library, there's still time to go into the draw for a chance to win an e-reader and great weekly prizes as part of the Adult Summer Reading club!