Want a career change, but can't take time off to study? Consider learning online.

An information hour on Open Universities Australia, OUA, is being held at Sutherland Library on Tuesday 4th February at 6.30pm.

When studying online you don't need to attend classroom sessions. Instead the university can provide you with the study materials and guidance you need to work through your course, and you can interact with students and tutors in online discussion forums. While you will still have set dates for your assignments and exams, you can structure your study time to fit your commitments. Qualifications which can be attained are the same as those gained via traditional course attendance.

Learn how to start gaining your first or a new qualification through OUA.
Find out more about:
Fields of study available, as well as bridging units and pathways.
How online study can fit into your existing time committments.
Fees & charges and financial assistance available.

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