Reel Teens Mystery Film Night

5 – 14 APRIL 2013

Be Active. 

Be Happy. 
Be You.
To help us celebrate the start of Youth Week 2013 we will be having our first Teen Mystery Film Night on Friday the 5th of April.

The movie starts promptly at 6.00pm and runs until 8.15pm.

Pizza and soft drink will be provided (hint) don't eat before you arrive!

We have Teen Mystery Film nights once a term and even though we have our regulars from last year it would be great to see some new faces. What? You're a bit nervous about joining us... why not bring a friend or even two? The movies we choose are PG rated so they are light-hearted, funny or thought-provoking. This particular movie is a 80's classic teen comedy, if you want to know or need to know what the title is then just give us a call at the Kids section @ 97100178 and we'll be happy to tell you. It's just that our regulars enjoy the element of surprise and that is what the Mystery Film Night is all about, after all!

If you would like to join us again or for the first time just fill in the online booking form or call us directly and turn up on the night with your appetite. (we need to know numbers so that we can order the correct amount of pizzas & refreshments - so don't miss out! ) We hope to see you there on the night - Happy Youth Week guys!