Keep Reading? A Canadian book for Earth Hour!

Looking for something to do during Earth Hour (Saturday, 23 March, 8.30pm local time),  this year?   Read book by torch or candle light! 

Did you know that Vancouver has been crowned  Global Earth Hour Capital, 2013 by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for its efforts to address climate change? 

So what could be more timely than to read an action packed, unpredictable and hard to put down book set in Vancouver by an Canadian/Australian author?

Read the  following opening paragraphs to see if you would like to keep reading this book...

        I can't run fast! I must go faster but my legs won't listen, the uniform won't move quick enough, the badge weighs me down. My gun is a hunk of useless metal, heavy and cumbersome in my slippery hands, I can barely lift it...QUICK! Before it's too late! The door is there, I finally reach it, knowing full well what horror awaits on the other side. I hit the door hard-slam- and burst straight through. It breaks apart into a million pieces, jagged shards flying all around like asteroids and I see her-my mother- tied to the bed and straining to escape the blade and the devil looks up, looking straight through my soul with eyes that are flickering red flames. I raise the weapon-it is so heavy and I struggle to aim between the flames. I squeeze the trigger but it will not give, it is frozen. The devil is smiling with great rotting fangs, he knows I am helpless. and flames leap from his eyes, shooting fire and a great rush of air to knock me down. He turns back to his prey, his captive-my mother- and he drives the knife down...
 A loud noise woke Makedde Vanderwall from her nightmare. 
She sat bolt upright and inhaled sharply. What? When she realised the noise had come from her own lip, she broke into an embarrassed blush. She had dozed off again and cried out in her sleep. She surveyed her surroundings through puffy eyes, squinting with sleep heavy lids. A couple of passengers were staring at her. A few feet away a young man had looked up from his comic book and was smirking.

To Keep Reading this book, request it from the Library. Read it by torch or candlelight, or download it from Overdrive to listen to it!