iBLURB - Harmony Day

Quote: 'If you want to make beautiful music, you must play the black and the white notes together.' 
― Richard M. Nixon (37th American President)
Honour book 2001

Nips XI  by Ruth Starke
If white boys can't jump, can Asian kids play cricket? Lan's fed up with being called a Nip. He wants to be a true-blue Aussie. What better way than by playing the greatest Anglo game of all? Lan gathers a team together and defiantly gives it a name: Nips XI. Now all they have to do is get some equipment, find a coach, get themselves a sponsor and learn the rules of the game. Then it's time to challenge the best cricket team in the district.

This is a funny, empowering story of cricket and curry, spinners and leggies, Nips XI is about overcoming cultural barriers, in sport and in life. (What a ripper read for ALL Aussies - old and new!)
Shortlisted 2005

Soraya the Storyteller  by Rosanne Hawke
Soraya, her mother and younger brother are refugees from Afghanistan adjusting to life in Australia under Temporary Protection Visas, after surviving the journey on a people-smuggling boat and spending time in the Woomera detention centre. The story is told through Soraya who uses storytelling to come to terms with the tragedy of her family's life in her homeland and struggle for acceptance in Australia. Stories from the Arabian Nights told by Soraya's adopted grandmother keep Soraya in touch with her culture and her father, who was killed; while writing in her diary and ESL class help her to express her thoughts, fears and dreams. Featuring realistic characters and dialogue, this poignant novel is simply and engagingly told. It will engender empathy for refugees and provoke discussion on a range of ethical issues.  (This is an enchanting read!)
Shortlisted - 2003

Jamil's Shadow  by Christine Harris
Since losing his parents, Jamil has kept himself apart from the rest of his village. He makes a living by looking after his herd of cattle, which he takes up the grassy slopes of the mountains each day.  But when a stray dog follows him home one day, he finds he can't get rid of it. Can Jamil risk letting anything get close to him again?
A heart-warming story of hope, connection and friendship. (Too good for words!) for grades 3-5

Shortlisted - 2008
Winning the World Cup  by David Metzenthen
After school, Marco and his neighbourhood friends, who have all come to Australia from different countries, play the World Cup in the local paddock. Henry, the new boy from Kenya is too sad to play, while his sister is in hospital, but he amazes the children with his knowledge of cows and then .. when his sister is better, with his amazing ball skills. This story, with it's subtle message, will have wide appeal and can be used to stimulate discussion about how all people can get along and how it is possible to love your homeland as well as your new country. for grades 2-5

Ziba came on a boat  by Liz Lofthouse
Ziba came on a boat. A soggy old fishing boat
That creaked and moaned as it rose and fell,
Rose and fell, across an endless sea…

Shortlisted - 2008
The setting in the story is a boat somewhere in the middle of an 'endless' ocean. Ziba, a little girl, rides it with her mother and a group of other people. You can't help but notice the gray and blue colours of the pages, and the sorrow-filled expressions on the faces of the people riding on the boat, this leads you to immediately realize they are not part of a fun-filled and entertaining journey. You start to wonder if they are refugees of a war. Where are they going and what is their story? What will the future hold for Ziba and her mother? a great way to introduce and educate older children on the harsh realities of the world in a picture book format - a happy ending! Yay! for grades 2-5
Children smile in ALL languages
Clever phrase: Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by colour. Anon