Keep Reading- Book vs Movie

It's a classic adventure story. It's recently been made into a movie. Its probably on your-list-of-books-you-have-been-meaning-to- read ...

Read these opening lines and decide if you'd like to Keep Reading this book!

My suffering left me sad and gloomy. 
      Academic study and the steady, mindful practice of religion slowly brought me back to life. I have kept up what some people would consider my strange religious practices. After one year of high school, I attended the University of Toronto  and took a double major Bachelor's degree. My majors were religious studies and zoology. My fourth-year thesis for religious studies concerned certain aspects of the cosmogony theory of Isaac Luria, the great sixteenth century Kabbalist from Safed. My Zoology thesis was a functional analysis of the thyroid gland of three toed sloth. I chose the sloth because its demeanour - calm, quiet and introspective-did something to soothe my shattered self. 
      There are two-toed sloths and there are three-toed sloths, the case being determined by the forepaws of the animals, since all sloths have three claws on their hind paws.I had great luck one summer of studying the three toed sloth in situ in the equatorial jungles of Brazil. It is a highly intriguing creature. Its only real habit is indolence. It sleeps or rests on average twenty hours a day. Our team tested the sleeping habits of five wild three-toed sloths by placing on their heads, in the early evening after they had fallen asleep, bright plastic dishes filled with water. We found them still in place late the next morning, the water in the dishes swarming with insects. The sloth is at its busiest at sunset, using the word busy here in the most relaxed sense.

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