Lunch Time Read Aloud for Adults

How often have you read stories to your children, grandchildren or brothers & sisters and wished someone would do the same for you?

In celebration of the National Year of Reading, library staff are reading aloud adult stories at lunch time.So bring your lunch, settle in, relax and be entertained on the first Wednesday of each month.

Last month Dianne (from Interlibrary Loans) read several shorter stories, mostly from Australian collections.

Bag Limit - a short, sharp story about duck hunters and ghostly spirits AND The Rock Lobster Club - a young man is dismissive of his father's safe, boring life as a newsagent in the suburbs. He moves to the city and tries life in the fast lane. He comes unstuck when trying to be cooler than he is. Both from the collection Under Stones by Bob Franklin.

The Rip by Robert Drewe. A dad and his estranged daughter stroll along a beach the morning after a shark attack. At the expense of his fragile relationship with his daughter he goes into the water to help a woman who falls in a rip.

Melinda read a funny poem so you could have a laugh and shift around in your chairs.
Camel College by Matthew Crompton. A man travelling in India despises the country, but comes to understand and love it after a tour guide explains his Camel College philosophy. From The best travel writing 2011.

How I met my daughter / Max Barry from the Herding Kites collection. A couple have fertility problems and follow a prescribed pattern in an attempt to fall pregnant. When their daughter eventually arrives, dad feels shut out. Tragedy strikes, and the dad has to learn to look after his daughter whilst his wife is in hospital. Can he manage a close relationshipwith both his wife and his daughter - or only one or the other?

At an extra read aloud which was scheduled in celebration of Seniors Week Melinda (our Children's Librarian) read A Man for All Seasons. An Australian Story about rugby league coach Wayne Bennett. Followed by a clever poem, The Death of Reading by crime writer Jeffrey Deaver. Then a good murder story - Lamb to the slaughter by Roald Dahl.

On the 4 April starting at 1pm, come along and hear Jacinta, our Reference Librarian read her selection.

Throughout this year, on the first Wednesday of the month, bring your lunch and listen to a variety of library staff read their favourites.

Wednesdays 1pm - 1.45pm, Sutherland Library - Southern Lounge

See you on the 4th April.

2012 The National Year of Reading