"Surprising Stuff" @ Caringbah Library

On Tuesday the 12th April 30 excited children of all ages converged at Caringbah Library to participate in our amazing science school holiday activity which was full of fun and "Surprising Stuff"!!!!!

Children and staff alike tested their co-ordination skills with "My Aunt Came Back" song and action rhyme. Memories were put to the test with the "Memory Game" and "What's in the Mystery Box" had the children guessing???

The Wizards Bubbling Brew and Slime experiments had the children intrigued and mesmorised with many asking for a copy of instructions to make their own at home. The kaleidoscope craft was a great hit!. The books "Pop the invention of Bubble Gum" and "No its a book" were enjoyed by all.

The activity was a great success!!!
Posted - Andria/Caringbah Team.