School Holiday Fun @ Sutherland Library

The Thursday before Easter saw a frenzy of mad young scientists invading the Library. Back by popular demand, Darren from Fizzics Education presented the 'Big Science! Big Fun!' one hour presentation. 80 kids enjoyed the presentation which included the wonders of liquid nitrogen, the amazing hover board and experiments using sound and air. The most enjoyable part for the Kids was saved for the finale as the Kids watched the floating toilet paper glide through the air.

Darren had some lunch and afterwards guided a group of Kids through 'Construct-a-Dino'. The Kids had a brief lesson on the history of dinosaurs before launching into making their own T-Rex. The wooden kits required the kids to use both their concentration and their fine motor skills. The skeletal finished product was quite delicate and the Kids very carefully carried them home.

Each school holidays, Sutherland Shire Libraries hold a bundle of seriously fun activities for Kids (just between you and me, they are so much fun they make me wish I was still a Kid). To find out more about upcoming activities keep an eye on our events calendar.