New books in the Living Library

The Shire Community Living Library is open again on Tuesday 8th September between 10am – 12 pm. If you’ve missed out previously, or loved taking part in it, here’s another chance to find out more about the people in your community.

There are some new books, waiting to be read for the first time, as well as some old favourites. Take the time to enjoy a conversation with a person you wouldn’t meet via your regular routine.

Why not combine borrowing a Living Book with picking up your regular reading – viewing - listening material!

Living Books cannot be taken home, they are Reference material, and therefore they must be read in the Library. Allow yourself an extra 30 minutes to challenge yourself to something different.

Here’s a glimpse of the newest Book on offer…

Lifequest : Oh, my goodness, Oh, my glory, on this page is my story.
Working with the people on our city streets who need support in so many aspects of their lives, and the major charities which support them, prompted this Book to dedicate himself to establishing a number of Foundations to provide relief in areas he could see, were not being adequately serviced.

This book relates how the toll of his charity work has led him towards a change of career into relationship counselling and personal training, and the satisfaction this provides him, to be part of the solution and help avert the crisis, rather than just pick up the pieces and try to reconstruct lives from scratch.

He can tell stories of the people he has met over the years in the pursuit of his charity work, both those requesting, or needing help and the Hollywood stars and Royalty who were patrons, attended the functions and donated.

Other titles in the catalogue include:

Turning the Shadow into a soft light
A woman who was determined to live a normal life although her husband was diagnosed with MS early in life, before much was known about it. She supported her husband and children by teaching music. She worked towards raising the awareness of MS and received awards for her efforts. She is now losing her own sight and learning life anew.

Being an Oblate of the Jamberoo Abbey
Fascination with mediation and spiritual traditions from around the world, spending time in Hindu, Christian and Buddhist ashrams. Committing to become an oblate of the Benedictine abbey, and what this means for oneself and the community.

Brown bread and liverwurst - growing up in Sydney being different
Coming to Australia – are there kangaroos in the street? Being a teenager is hard enough, but without being able to communicate at all school is a nightmare. Finding out that children can be so very cruel. Coming from Germany, had it’s own special issues!

Life giving experiences when caring for dying people
Caring for people with HIV/Aids, and volunteering to work with the poor in Calcutta, helping them to die with dignity, and how this makes one aware of what is important. Saying goodbye to a much loved Mother.

A Blessed Light in my Darkness
Losing his sight at 21, did not deter hthis Book from living a full life. He has married, had children and is now enjoying the chaos grandchildren can bring. Woodwork has continued to be a passion, using the skills he learnt as an apprentice. A friend introduced him to cycling and has been an avid long distance cycler for pleasure as well as for fund raising for various charitable organisations. Tandem is his bike of choice!Working as a telephone counsellor he has been able to support and assist many people in their time of need and is active in the local Baptist community.
Broken Pieces, whole story
Depression manifests in many forms, this is just one. Deliberate self harm becomes an addiction, and needs to be accepted as such, acknowledged and have a strategy in place to control it. The long road to regaining control, relasping and starting again and looking toward the future.

Immigration from Germany
Hear about social conditions in Germany before the rise of Hitler, and the losses that all war brings to any caught up its grip. Living in the partitioned Germany with family on either side, leads to emmigration to Australia. Immigration camps, finding work, housing the family, building a business and becoming involved in the community whilst providing for the family’s future, all feature in this book. As does the sadness, frustration and sense of loss that dementia brings to a family.

Let's blow the myth of ageing
How attitudes from one’s youth can colour one’s outlook forever. Marrying late and having 3 children quickly leads to struggles with depression. Recovery comes about with forgiveness and self acceptance. Working and learning all the while despite dyslexia. Started training in Feldenkrais movement therapy and began teaching it at 60. Living life to the full, whilst caring for a partner with Parkinson’s disease, from 80 on the journey continues.

Australia, my heart is in yours
Escaping a husband, with connections to Columbia’s drug trade, after he shot her, she landed in Australia with nothing – except the baby she hadn’t known she was carrying! Spending two years in detention centers, looking after her baby and having no English, she gained residency. Quickly learnt English and has been working ever since to provide for her daughter and make Australia her home.

Success through faith and perseverance
Born to Chinese parents in Indonesia under Dutch, then survived the Japanese occupation. Experienced the people’s revolution at first hand lead to Indonesian self rule. Education was now possible. A scholarship for University in Holland, led to work experience in England, and return home to serve his country with aeronautical engineering credentials. Emmigration to Australia provided a much more secure future for his children. Now works with overseas students and their host families, offering his services where they will help and contributing to build a future progressive modern Australian society.

Not all Books are available, on each occasion.