Farewell Cronulla Library, as we know it.

All are sad to see the old Cronulla library go, we have had some great times. As we get ready to make the move to a new home in Croydon Street we look back fondly on our little cosy library.It hasn’t always been a library; the building was built back in 1908 as the first Methodist church in Cronulla.

Cronulla was booming by the 1950’s, so in 1955 council decided to open a branch library at Cronulla. A portion of the School of arts building (1912) in Surf road was leased for this purpose. However, by 1962 the premises was considered to be inadequate and it wasn’t until 1969 that the old church was used for a separate children’s library with the adult library following in 1975.

Cronulla Library will continue to occupy the current building until September 19th 2009. (For more information about Cronulla’s and it's old buildings view them online or contact our Local Studies section at Sutherland Library Ph. 9710 0225).

It is time to say goodbye and to move on to bigger and better things. So farewell to Cronulla Library as we know it, your memory will live on in us. Please share your memories by commenting, so they can live on long after it has moved.