To read or not to read...about love, life, death and new possibilities.

Read this unabashedly romantic story of love, life, death, food and the magic of new possibilities.

To read or not to read?-That is the question. Read the opening paragraphs of this book and you decide...

Here is one way to say it: Grief is a love story told backward.
Or Maybe that is not all. Maybe I should be more scientific. Love and the loss of that love exist in equal measure. Hasn't an equation like this been invented by a romantic physicist somewhere?
Or maybe I should put it this way: Imagine a snowglobe. Imagine a tiny house inside of it. Imagine there's a woman inside of it, and this one is standing in the kitchen, shaking another snowglobe, and within that snowglobe...
Every good love story has another hiding within it.

Part One
Ever since Henry's death, I'd been losing things. I lost keys, sunglasses, checkbooks. I lost a spatula and found it in the freezer, along with a bag of grated cheese.
I lost a note to Abbot's third grade teacher explaining how I'd lost his homework.
I lost the caps to toothpaste and jelly jars. I put these things away open mouthed, lidless, airing. I lost hairbrushes and shoes-not just one of a pair, but both.
I left jackets behind in restuarants, my pocketbook under my seat at the movies, my keys on the checkout counter of the drugstore-afterward I sat in my car for a moment, disoriented, trying to place exactly what was wrong and then trudged back to the store, where the checkout girl jingled them for me above her head.
I got calls from people who were kind enough to return things. and when things were gone-just gone-I retraced my stpes and then got lost myself.

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