To read or not to read...a police procedural.

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A police procedural series by a Swedish husband and wife writing team. Translated into English in 2011, it was made into a film in 2012. 

To read or not to read, that is the question!

 Read the opening paragraphs of this book and you decide...

Like fire, just like fire. Those were the first words the boy uttered under hypnosis.  Despite life threatening injuries- innumerable knife wounds to his face, legs, torso , back, the soles of his feet, the back of his neck, and his head, the boy had been put into a state of deep hypnosis in an attempt to see what happened with his own eyes
“I’m trying to blink” he mumbled. “I go into the kitchen, but it isn’t right; there is a crackling noise between the chairs and a bright red fire is spreading across the floor.”
They thought he was dead when they found him among the other bodies in the terraced house. He’d lost a great deal of blood, gone into a state of shock, and hadn’t regained consciousness until  seven hours later. He was the only surviving witness.
Detective Joona Linna was certain the boy would be able to provide valuable information, possibly even identify the killer.
But if the circumstances had not been so exceptional, it would never even have occurred to anyone to turn to a hypnotist.   

 Want to read more? Request a copy from the Library. 
After you read the book, watch the movie. How do they compare? 

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