Where in the website is.....??

Have you looked for a resource you know the library has, but didn’t know where to find it? 

Maybe you’ve heard about the computer training database, or that there is an online encyclopedia. Perhaps you would like to find some newspaper articles.

To find any resource that the library holds, a DVD, newspaper index, ebook, encyclopedia, article, online training etc. then use Encore to locate the item you want. Encore is more than a catalogue, it is a ‘discovery’ tool, making it easy to locate a lot more than the latest Dan Brown novel.

Have you viewed the short video on the library home page highlighting how to search Encore and locate exactly what you want? The 7 minutes is a worthwhile investment, with some great tips.

My mother wants to learn how to use her computer, and she needs more training time and repetition, than I can spend with her. She knows the library has online computer training because she’s attended Taming Technology sessions before and heard about it there.

Put computer training into Encore and find the following;

Clicking on the database link, will take you to a page about the resource.

A library membership number (or barcode) will be required before accessing the resource. 
All 14 digits, ie 22232000XXXXXX

The courses are;
Microsoft Windows Vista
Windows 7
Using and searching the Internet
Microsoft Office 2007 & 2010 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
Setting up email accounts
Social Network Training (Twitter, Facebook, Blogging)

Windows 8, training will soon be available!

What about that online encyclopedia? The name escapes me….but I’ll know it when I see it.

Using encyclopedia is not the best search term, but it can work!

The screen shots show how to use the features of Encore to manage such a vague search and still locate what you are looking for.

Now try newspaper articles

   Come in, or call and ask a library staff member to show you how to use these and other resources.